Which fundraiser is best for our group?

There are many factors to consider: what fundraisers are already in progress or have been completed within your school or organization, the size of your team or group, the area in which you are located, product pricing, what your fundraising goal is, etc. But no worries, your representative will take everything into consideration when advising you.

Do we have to wait for our money?

No! All money due to you is paid the minute the fundraiser is complete.

Can we have input on the merchants that will be on our card or playbook?

You can certainly provide a wish list and we will do our absolute best to make your wishes come true. However, there are no guarantees. The merchants have the last word, and the decision to be a part of your card or playbook is ultimately up to them.

How much product is produced?

Your representative will decide how much product will be necessary to run your fundraiser, based on the information you give them regarding the size of your team or group, your location, your fundraising goals, etc.

Who acquires the discounts on the products?

We do! Player’s Edge is responsible for obtaining all of the merchants found on your fundraising products.

How much can our group earn?

There are several key factors that determine the success of your fundraiser. These include the size of your group, the price of the product, and most importantly…the effort of your team or group. For example, we have 35 players on a team that earns $13,000 in 2 weeks. Some football teams earn considerably more. In any event, you will always receive the highest percentage payout offered in the industry.

Is there a minimum amount of product we have to sell?

In most cases there are no minimums required. However, in some cases a minimum may be required when a custom product is being sold by a group that chooses not to complete all aspects of the program.

How long does the fundraiser take to complete?

Not long at all! Most of our fundraisers can be completed in as little as 2 weeks. You can raise significant funds for your team or group in a very short time by using our programs.

How much do your fundraisers cost?

That’s the best part! There are NO upfront costs to run our fundraisers. Our income is based solely on the total amount the fundraiser generates. (We win every game, it’s only a matter of by what score. And the score is determined by one thing and one thing only… how much you and your group WANT to score.)

How soon can we start?

If you select a custom product, it will take 3 to 4 weeks to produce. However, cookie dough, magazines, and most VIP products can start almost immediately!

For more information on our fundraisers or to speak to one of our representatives please contact us toll free at any of our regional numbers or just fill out your contact info on our web site and we will contact you immediately.