Discount Cards

Take Your Fundraising Ideas to the Next Level with a Fundraising Discount Card!

The Discount Card is the most popular custom product that Players Edge offers, and server as the foundation of our company. There are three different discount card options to choose from. However all will have custom art work/graphics as well as 16 -24 local merchant discounts and access to over 3500 national discounts on our web site.


This card is a plastic credit card like product which fits easily in your wallet. On the front of the card , your school /organization logo and colors will be customarily created by our art department, however feel free to provide us with your own logo if there is a specific logo you prefer. The back of the card will have 16-24 merchants that will be acquired by Players Edge within your local community. These discounts can be use 365 days a year.

For more information on any of our products please fill out your contact information and we will contact you immediately or call Players Edge at any of our regional offices.