Key Tag Cards

Take Your Fundraising Ideas to the Next Level with a Fundraising Discount Card!

The Discount Card is the most popular custom product that Players Edge offers, and server as the foundation of our company. There are three different discount card options to choose from. However all will have custom art work/graphics as well as 16 -24 local merchant discounts and access to over 3500 national discounts on our web site.

One Key Tag Card

This card has everything the CR80 has. However, this product also has a key tag made of the same heavy plastic as the CR80 card and is attached to the side of the card .The key tag snaps off and can be applied to any key chain. Any team or organization that chooses this product will have graphic options for the front of the key tag, some sports teams will choose to put its schedule on the tag. Depending on the sales price of the card Players Edge may secure a local merchant to an exclusive offer on the back of the key tag, this will increase the value of the product.

Three Key Tag Card

This cutting Edge product is the only one of its kind in the industry. Quickly becoming the signature product of Players Edge, the 3 key tag card is packed with value, it offers everything described in the CR80 and one key tag card, however it has 3 key tags attached to the card. This allows for 3 exclusive offers that can exceed the total cost of the product. The graphic options are endless.

For more information on any of our products please fill out your contact information and we will contact you immediately or call Players Edge at any of our regional offices.