Letter Writing Campaigns

Letter Writing Campaigns Are Our Premiere Second Level Writing Fundraising Method

Most fundraisers are designed to target your local supporters within your community. With our letter writing campaign, we target potential supporters outside of your community, as well as those within it. We call it “second level fundraising”.

This fundraiser can stand alone or it can be used in conjunction with any of our other fundraisers. It will give your group the ability to raise funds on a national level, with little effort on your part. We will customize your letter and insure you get your message across to your supporters. As always, our percentage paid to your program will be well above the rest.

This program requires no initial costs to your program, yet it has the ability to raise thousands of dollars if you properly follow the directions of your fundraising coach. For more information, send us your contact information in the area marked “Have a Representative Call Me”…and we’ll have one of our fundraising coaches call to discuss a letter writing campaign for you!