Magazine Subscriptions

Take Your Fundraising Ideas to the Next Level with a Magazine Subscription Campaign!

With our magazine program your supporters can renew an existing subscription or purchase a nw one. They can choose from 76 of the most popular titles and they can do this from anywhere in the country and save 50%-80%.

Our magazine subscription fundraiser gives your group the ability to reach across the country to family friends and alumni and raise thousands of dollars. Our voucher program enables the purchaser to fill out a simple voucher to purchase a subscription or renew one in minutes, drop it in the mail and start receiving their magazine.

This fundraiser is ideal for college teams or groups with large numbers. Fill out the “Have a Representative Contact Me” and one of our fundraising coaches will answer any questions you may have.

  • Very Easy To Sell
  • Huge Profits – Earn Up To 70% Profit Per Sale
  • Wide Variety Of Best Selling Publications