Play Books

Custom Designed Playbooks Are The Very Best Fundraising Product That We Offer

It is a completely customized paper product that has the ability to raise thousands of dollars in a short amount of time…and it brings exceptional value to those who support your team or organization. Some of our Playbooks hold as much as $250 worth of discounts!

As always, our art department will design a product customized to your individual school, team, or group. If the group is large enough, or if there are multiple groups running our fundraiser, we can even insert team schedules and pictures. All of the Playbook merchants are secured by Player’s Edge. There are anywhere from 6 to 12 merchants on every Playbook, depending on the selling price, and each merchant will provide at least 4 coupon offers.

Your supporters have up to one year to redeem the coupons. Our trackable coupons, as well as their limited use, allow your local merchants the opportunity to increase their offers to your supporters. This enables them to grow their businesses and to support your team or group. We have tracked communities that have saved as much as $50,000 per year by redeeming Playbook coupons that teams have sold as their fundraisers.

Where else can a team earn thousands of dollars, help their local merchants grow their businesses, and save their community thousands of dollars all at the same time!

  • Very Easy To Sell
  • Huge Profits – Earn Up To 70% Profit Per Sale
  • Wide Variety Of Merchant Coupons